Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tsukiji Fish Market

Today was our last day in Tokyo, well last day of visit number one as will be coming back here again for a few days before we fly out to Bangkok.

Today we got up mentally early to journey to the Tsukiji fish Market. It all kicks off there at 3am when the first catches come back but I could not be doing with that so got up at 6 and eventually managed to rock up to the Market at 7.30ish. It was well worth the early start as it was just mental. There were bits of fish (alive and dead) all over the place, some I recognized and some I didn't. There were also hundreds of little stalls as far as the eye could see all preparing fish. There were also these little carts wizzing all over the place transferring the freshly prepared fish to the delivery vans to eventually take it out into the city. The place was so busy and obviously reeked of fish.

One of the main attractions of going to the Market is the fact you can sample the worlds freshest sushi for breakfast which obviously has only been out of the water a few hours. While at this point I was starting to realize I'm not really the worlds biggest fan of sushi thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. So once had been round the Market made our way to the sushi restraunts to see what as on offer. After finding a place and queuing nearly 45 minutes to get in we decided it really wasn't worth it and gave up. However once we left we went round the corner and found another place we could literally just walk straight into, so we did. I had a set meal of 7 piece of various dead fishs which I enjoyed in various ways as in some I did and some I didn't. But overall I'm pleased we did it as it was something pretty special.