Saturday, 28 February 2009


Well originally I wasn't too up for going to Osaka. I'd read a bit about it and it didn't seem like there was much there (apart from the possibility of a day trip to Nara but we could do that from Kyoto) but Tommy was quite up for it and wanted to see the sky building so we ended up going.

It turned out to be a quality few days and was just real fun. First day we went to the aquarium and I saw sloths and penguins which I blooody LOVE. Then we ended up going to that random kitchen bar thing which I will dedicate a whole post to as it was off its tits!

To be honest I hardly saw Osaka we only head to the center once where I somehow lost Tommy for an entire afternoon on a escalator in the subway.

The thing that made it though were the people. The hostel was probably the best ow we'd been too and there were just a real good bunch staying there. Hopefully meet up with some of them in Australia maybe.


  1. Rob,

    I'm heading to Japan and was wondering about the hostels in Japan? Did you stay at one in Tokyo? Any suggestions?

    What was the hostel you liked so much in Osaka?

    I'm heading to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka & Nara.

    Any advise would be sweet.


  2. I am going to osaka, kyoto, nara, wakasaki. any suggestions on where to go? I have about 5 days.