Monday, 16 February 2009

Day 1 - Tokyo

Well the flight was mint went well quick and just watched the Dark Knight amongst other things.

Got on the train for a 70 minute train ride to the district we are staying in, however as to be expected got on the wrong train, the right line, but the wrong train. So ended up going past our stop throwing us right out and then having to work out how to get back. Luckily found someone who spoke perfect English and pointed us in the right direction and explained that we had got on the Express train that only stops at the main stops and not the little ones which we wanted. We eventually got on the right line and found our Hostel no probs.

First impressions of Hostel are gooood.

Strangest observation so far is the surgical masks that quite a large number of people wear here. I guess they know something I don't.

Small problem earlier when trying to purchase a drink, I think instead I brought cough medicine. I had a few sips but thought it would be best to save it till I spoke to someone at the hostel to tell me what it was I was actually drinking. As of yet I have still not found out.

Part from that not a lot to report at the mo as still pretty tripped out. Although a Japanese man did ask me what he must do as he had lost his wallet and didn't know where do go. While I did try help him the best I could, I couldn't help thinking I was possibly the worst person he could have asked being the only westerner, other than Tommy obviously, on the whole platform.