Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Very Long Day In Tokyo

Well I've managed to pick up some wifi from somewhere so I am currently on my bed on the phone. Tommy has fallen asleep so think I will update this place while I can.

Today was exhausting and I must have walked about 10 miles and journeyed all the way from the north east of Tokyo where we are staying to the south west and a few other places along the way.

I have never felt so lost in my life as I do at the mo in Tokyo. This is due firstly to the language barrier as very few people and signs are in English which just generally makes things difficult. Also due to the unfortunate fact that I was born without the ability to ever learn how to read a map and therefore never be able to work out where I am, where I'm heading and where I want to go. While I am finding this very annoying, as so far haven't really seen anything I wanted t, I have covered a large amount of this place as I keep getting lost trying to work out where I am. One of the only things I did master today was the metro/underground here so I can now get around no problemo.

One place I did manage to find was the Imperial palace east garden, unfortunatly we found out when we got there that it is closed on Mondays so will be returning their tomorrow I am guessing.

Tonight the Hostel is putting on a Sushi party which should be good as, as of yet have not had the chance to meet any of the other travellers as have either been sleeping are walking around the streets of Tokyo.

Well thats about it really so far so good and with each hour I seem to be getting more used to this place and finding it easy to relax abd enjoy it, I guess its just a bit of culture shock wearing off.

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