Sunday, 8 February 2009

What's this all about?

Well it should be pretty obvious really but I thought I would explain how I would be using this blog and what you can expect to see here....

Well I am going traveling, for a year or so on the 14th of Feb so won't be seeing friends and family for a very long time! So I have set this up as a way of you being able to see what I am getting up to. I will post new things when I get the chance like photos and videos as well write about all the things I get up to. 

Doing this as well means rather than bombard you with loads of e-mail and things you can just come on here when you actually want to or are wondering what I am getting up to. Works well for me as well as I will have a permanent record of what I have been doing which I can read a few years down the line rather than a load of e-mails that would just eventually get lost in cyberspace.

Anyway, keep coming back every now and again if you want and let me know what you are up to as well. I'm keeping my phone while I am away and there's also that facebook shit.

peace out xxx


  1. how do you do it? traveling is sooo expensive :(

  2. 6 months - 1 years commited saving gives you a few months in s.e.a or s.a then get a working holiday visa for somehwere and combine the 2.

    it is expensive but worth it.

    i can either spend 50 quid on a night out in england and wake up with no memories or stay and saev the 50 quid for a week in asia and memories that will last a life time.