Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Cold Day In Tokyo

Well for some reason the temperature last night in Tokyo dropped several degrees and has not picked up since. Me and the cold aren't really the best of friends so have been
Moaning most of today about how cold it is.

In other news I finally found out what that mystery drink was. Turns out that it is a nicotine based energy drink. So thankfully if I had drunk it all I wouldn't have died.

The Sushi night last night was quality, got to try my hand a making sushi as well as trying some stuff I hadn't hadn't tried before. They had a mix of authentic style Japanese Sushi as well as some with more westernised ingredients like tuna mayo for example which was real cool.

Today was far better in terms of not getting lost. Followed my lonely planet guide to the letter and made it to the Imperial Palace East Garden again which was real nice and just generally strolled around in the very peaceful surroundings. One of the best things about it was it was free, which was a bonus. While we were there a group of 4 very young Japanese kids came up to us and practiced their English on us. They were quite good considering how young they were but I could only really make out what they were saying a I could see the question sheet they were speaking from.

After that we got on the metro and head over to the neighbourhood of Ginza, where a lot of the expensive designer shops and things like that are, to go have a look round the Sony building. I popped into Hermes to see if they had this aftershave I like just to 'ave a sniff and somehow ended up on the Hermes museum tour. It was all very interesting (kinda) buy that was also free so can't complain.

From here we popped back on the train to The neighbourhood of Akasaka & Roppongi for some lunch as well as to shoot up Tokyo tower a 300 foot structure quite like he Eiffel tower which a great 360' degree view of the city. I really wanted to go to the Roppongi Hills area after that but my poor feet ached and I felt KO'd so we headed home.

I am now just in my room and should be off for some karaoke tonight with some Australians and an English couple we got talking to at last nights sushi night which should be interesting.