Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Hiroshima was pretty special and not what I expected at all. As a city it was so nice obviously due to the fact it had all been rebuilt in the last 50 years after that Atomic bomb thing was dropped on them here. It made me think maybe every city should be bombed periodically just to get rid of the rubbish, wipe the slate clean as they say. Or maybe not as several million would die.

All jokes aside Hiroshima was great. I was there for 3 days which was too long really as I managed to do everything in the first day as there is not a huge amount of things to do there. This just meant I got to take the other days at a far more leisurely pace as so far all the days had been proper nakering.

First port of call was the Hiroshima A Bomb dome. This was a building that was located almost directly under the bomb when it exploded 600 meters above the ground. This for some reason meant it wasn't affected by the blast just the intense heat which melted all the metal work. It basically now stands as a sort of memorial as a way of remembering what happened that day. One problem with this on our visit was that every 3 years they check the buildings state and do any repairs to try keep it how it is and visit just happened to fall during this time. This meant when we were there the dome was covered in scaffolding. So to me the dome just looked like a half mad building which really spoilt the symbolism of the A bomb damaged building and just made it look like a building site. Was a real shame.

Straight from here I also had a look round the memorial gardens. A big clearing which has a flame burning in the middle of it which won't be put out till all the nuclear weapons in the world have been destroyed. It was far to cold and wet to spend to much time in the gardens unfortunately so just headed straight for the Peace Memorial Museum.

The Peace Memorial Museum was brilliant it only cost ¥50 which is like 35p. Crazy cheap. As it was raining we got a good 3 hours of fun out of it as well as didn't want to go outside. It's traced the story of Hiroshima from why it happened through to what happened on the actually day and on to the after affects of the bomb years later. I just couldn't get my head round how something like that actually happened and what the people went through on that day. For example most of the peoples skin just fell off from the heat and was just hanging from their finger tips. Just unbelievable.

I liked Hiroshima loads maybe one of my favourite places so far. The city was so new and felt like A European city. Although that's not the reason I liked it. It was just the huge amount of seriously important history surrounding the place made it very special.