Friday, 27 February 2009


One of the reasons we came to Osaka was the fact it is real easy to do a day trip to Nara from there. I had got talking to a few people in the hostel on the first night and they had mentioned that Nara University offer free guided tours round Nara by students and volunteers. Considering we were only going to spend a day there and the guide would be free, it was defiantly something we had to do.

One of the many Australians we have met on our adventures, Wilson, was interested in coming along so he booked the guide and me him and Tommy jumped on the train to Nara and met our guide, whose name I can't remember (or pronounce), outside the station.

It was possibly one if the best things I've done while I've been here. The whole thing took about 5 hours and we did a complete loop around Nara, going to all the main sights. We went to see the Todaiji Temple, which was just huge and housed and absoutly massive 50 meter tall Buddha.Very impressive. As well as the Kasuga Taisha which is one of Naras many shrines and strolled through the parks and gardens feeding and being licked by the 1000s of wild deer that live in Nara.

Being able to talk to our guide about Japan in general and answer all the questions we had from our experiences so far there was also a real highlight of the day. She also told us where was good for food and then came and had lunch with us. This was good as I could then learn more about Japanese table manners and chopstick etiquette as I'm pretty sure I am offending someone on a regular basis at the moment. I also found out that the V sign Japanese girls make when they have their picture taken, which I always thought meant Peace, doesn't actually mean anything at all. It just seems to substitute a smile on occasions (?!)

Nara was a beautiful place and it didnt disapoint. It was how I hoped Kyoto would be, far less built up and full of awesome Japanese temples and forests. Nara was something special and the whole day made even more better by our free guide.

A few pictures to enjoy:


  1. Rob...can you give us some help with finding how to book the tour at Nara university in japan? if you have the info

  2. just stumbled on your blog when searching for Nara info. I'd also love to know how to book a free guided tour if you could share the information? my email is thanks so much!