Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tokyo Pt.2

Back in Tokyo again. Was quite sad on the bullet as coming back to Tokyo meant my Japanese adventure was coming to an end. However at the same time I was pretty excited at the prospect of another 4 days in the amazing city that is Tokyo.

After the night in the capsule hotel and Yokohamma it was nice to get back on the backpacker circuit and stay in a proper hostel again.

Our first full day back in Tokyo was on the Sunday and I'd read that Sunday was a day you should head to Harajuku. Harajuku is basically the center of youth culture in Tokyo and I bloody loved it. In parts of harijuku you get a sence of what the world would be like if it as run by teenage girls. There where whole streets of hello kitty and J-pop music and crazy clothes and jewelry and sweetS. I'm not saying that those things are the defining characteristics of girls but it was definitely teeny bopper central. It also had everything from extremely high class label flagship stores, low end Market stalls selling all sorts of alternative gubbins as well as loads of urban street wear shops which were quality.

The main reason to go on a Sunday though is to catch the Harajuku girl and guys. They turn up in big manga costumes, cartoon characters, goths, their favourite movie or rock stars and in fancy dress costumes like nurses and maids. It is supposed to be a right spectacle. Unfortunate unlucky as we always seem to be due to poor weather there just weren't really many around. We saw a few but no where near as many as the guide book made out.

Another place we went to for the first time was Ueno, a neighbourhood consisting mainly of a huge park with museums, galleries and a zoo in it. However due to not having any concept of what day of the week it was, we didn't realise it was Monday when most things seem to closed for the day. So just had a walk round the park. Unfortunately it wasn't the most attractive park in the world so headed off else where.

We went back to the crossing at Shibuya and saw it at night. It has five (maybe more?) roads all coming together and literally hundreds of people crossing at once it was a right sight. We sat in the Starbucks right on re crossing and must of watched thousands of people cross over half hour or so. Was such a famous Tokyo sights was great to see it for real.

I think the highlight of the second visit for me had to be Roppongi hills. It's basically a city within a city. This mini area that has all been redone in the last few years and to me just felt like the perfect city. All brand new buildings awesome architecture and an awesome view of the city. Was mega. It was blatantly one of the most expensive areas of Tokyo and I loved it.

I will really miss Japan. I have had a brilliant experience travelling from one side of this island to the other and will defiantly be coming back one day to see what I've missed out as well as defiantly coming back to hit the north where the ski resorts are. Although next time I am not going to do it on such a tight budget. I really did love this place was such an adventure which I will not forget in a hurry.

Anyway onwards to Bangkok...