Monday, 13 April 2009

Hoi An

When I have described to people what Hoi An is like to people who have asked me I always say that everywhere you look in Hoi An looks like a postcard. The place didn't seem real to me. It was a little bit like when I went to Venice as it just seemed like a movie set, it was just far to picturesque. It meant I spent a lot of my time taking pictures of bugger all trying to get a good pictures of a nice building or a local asleep, but being a very poor photographer the pictures never really looked very good. However at least I tried.

Was an interesting few days in Hoi An and some I really enjoyed. Life in Hoi An was very slow so just spent a lot of the time pottering around the place seeing the sights and getting stuff done. On the first day we thought it was a good idea to walk to the beach as "apparently" is was only 2km away. After the 5km walk we eventually ended up at the beach and to be honest it wasn't really that nice (or worth the walk). It was nice to get a bit of sun and have a bit of a splash in the sea but unfortunately the mentally sticky sand on the beach clung to me like someone had glued it to me and therefore made my time on the beach very uncomfortable.

One thing we did that turned out to be an absolute waste of time was a short boat trip along the river. We were approached by 2 elderly looking Vietnamese women who offered to take us on an hour long trip down the river seeing a few of the sights along the river on the way. It was hot and we couldn't really be bothered to walk anywhere so thought why not! We jumped aboard and it was the slowest most boring waste of an hour ever. There was nothing to see and all she kept doing was pointing out restaurants and hotels along the bank as if they were some form of tourist attraction. Completely rubbish and a waste of 100,000 dong.

Hoi An is famous for having some of the best and most affordable tailoring in Vietnam. I wasn't really planning on getting anything done while I was away as firstly I don't wear dresses which is mainly what they do. As well as the fact I would have no use for a suit while backpacking around asia. What you can do though is take them any item of clothing, or just a picture and they will copy that item of clothing for you. My Nudie jeans have a big old hole in the crotch and when looking into replacing them in Japan for the mental cost of $300 I really couldn't replace them out there. So I thought why don't I just get them copied out here. It only cost me $35 and they gave me an exact copy of my jeans, Nudie stitching and all. Putting them up next to each other you obviously can tell the difference but when I got them on you really cant tell. The only problem is the waist is a little tight now but for $35 I let that one slip. So ticket another must do for Vietnam while in Hoi An.

Apart from that Hoi An was fairly uneventful. We hired some bikes and cycled around the place for a bit. Did a walking tour in the Lonely Planet to see the Japanese Covered bridge which was sweet and just generally chilled out. Was a nice place and to be honest would have liked a few more days there just to soak up the atmosphere a bit more and kick back for a bit longer but never mind. Off to the beach resort of Nha Trang next so can do a lot of chilling out there as well.