Monday, 13 April 2009

My Son

An early 4am start to get to "My Son" just because Lonely Planet told me to. My Son is just a small site containing several ruins of some Hindu temples constructed around the 7Th century. There's not really to much to say about the place really, it was just a few temples some still standing, some just rubble dotted around a site that must have been no bigger than an acre. For some reason the American B52 bombers dropped a lot of bombs on My Son during the Vietnam war, which I didn't really understand as no one actually lives there and is 55km from the center of Hoi An in the Vietnamese jungle. No wonder they lost. But anyway here are a few photos from my short visit to the ruins.


  1. Hi
    I'm planning a trip there too.
    I want to get there early as well.
    How did you get there and what's the rate?
    Do you have a guide with you?
    Would you have followed the local tour?