Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is our third of five on our way down the south coast of Vietnam and it was here we finally caught up with the sun again. Far less humid than Bangkok and with a cooling sea breeze it was a nice place to be (weather wise). We only ended up staying here 2 nights in the end due to the next bus being a 7 hour day trip, which is absolutely rubbish as it eats into a day we don't really have! So as I was getting fairly board here thought it best we knock a day off and visit somewhere that looks like Vietnam and not a Mediterranean beach resort.

We didn't really do much here just spend a full day on the beach one day and then half a day on the other because the heavens opened. I did originally want to get a days diving, now being all qualified and everything but as we are leaving early I now can't and also I am feeling a bit under the weather at the mo with a bit of cold so thought it best I just relax while I can.

Experienced a new type of street seller here, "The Vietnamese bike bookshops". Just armies of men and women on bikes with a boxes full of the latest paperbacks on offer. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the latest Richard and Judy picks and as I refuse to read anything else I had to pass every time I got offered a one.

The weather on the first day was real nice, very hot and not and cloud in the sky. However it just rained today and then was just overcast.

Went to a good French restaurant and had Deer in a red wine sauce, was very nice. Then a fat French man on the table next to me who had purchased the most expensive steak on the menu couldn't finish it all so gave some to me. Obviously you never refuse free food so I tucked in and had a brief conversation about French ski resorts.

Also went to a steak house the day before and decided to have chicken. When I ordered the waitress asked "How well done do I want my chicken". This blew my mind and although I did ask for it well done (obviously!!) my confidence in the place had been shattered so just ate the chips and picked away at the chicken and scattered round my plate to make look like I had eaten it. Looking back writing about it now it just seems like such a strange thing to do, I should have just complained or got something else. Instead of just scatter it round my plate so I don't get told off for not eating it. (loser)

Tommy got his iPod filled up by some shop that pirates music and films, Extremely illegal but anything seems to go out here.

I went for another massage on the last night and it ended well for a change as I have had some very strange ones recently.

Apart from eating and watching the football all we really did was lie on the beach and did a bit of bronzing. I'm not sure if I like this place or not, it was to much of a holiday resort for me. Thankfully no fat people in vests this time round as it is mainly where the Vietnamese come to holiday but the place was quite tacky. It did have a night life which seems to be quite rare in the places we have been so far. I'm thinking though all these nights I spend not going out will just make the full moon party in Thailand even better when I eventually hit there again in May.

*This post does sound a little bit too much a diary entry, I'm sorry about that.