Friday, 1 May 2009

Siem Reap

Siem Reap was a real nice place actually. The reason for this is the tourist magnet that is Angkor Watt some 10 minutes away drawing 1000's of tourists everyday. You could tell that the place relied very heavily on tourism just because of how the place looked. All the restaurants and shops were very new and all looked very trendy. The late night market looked like no other market I had seen in Asia with big fancy wooden shops and a nice wooden walk way around the place. It was real obvious this was made for the tourist and not the locals.

However at the same time it was also the dustyest place I have been so far. The Tuk Tuk ride to the hostel was hard work as dust kept getting in my eyes and mouth it was horrible. Tommy had to wear a scalf over his mouth to stop him coughing. There are also an insane amount of grasshoppers and insects here. At night they just swarm to any light they can find. I found one ATM I could not actualyl go in as there were so may grasshoppers and crickets hossing about I would have ened up breathing some in I am sure, I wish I had got a photo if it. Was like something you read about in that bible thing I heard about in school.

I didn't really do much in Siem Reap as the main purpose of my visit there was to go to Angkor watt. On the first night I fed some Alligators at a restaurant that had a good 10 or so in a little tank in the middle of the restaurant and for about a pound I could throw some fish at them. I also spent a lot of time on the first day on the Internet sorting out this place trying to catch up as usual.

The rest of the time just seemed to be spent eating. There were a lot of nice (and cheap) restaurants in Siem Reap so took full advantage of this.

Me and Tommy also thought we would go for a massage after out day at Angkor Watt. This turned out to be a pretty funny experience as our tuk tuk driver decided to join us and for the first time I had one in the same room as other people. So Tommy, myself and whatever our tuk tuk diver was called all laid down in our pyjamas and had a massage together. It was good our driver was there as he was able to translate what the masseuse were saying. As usual I was being called monkey man by them which hurt a lot. haha

One other key thing that needs to be mentioned about our stay in Siem Reap is Trulz. On the bus from Phenom Penn we started talking to this 21 year old Norwegian guy who had been traveling around Asia much like we had. He seemed like a good guy and we spoke to him for pretty much the whole journey. He was a big gamer so me and him discussed the various Xbox games we liked mainly discussing the zombie shot 'em up "Left 4 dead" (how cool am I). We hadn't sorted out any accommodation in Siem Reap and were just going to try find some once we got there. However it turned out Trulz knew a good place and said we could jump in a tuk tuk with him and check the place out. So once we got to Siem Reap we all headed off to the hostel. When we got there they only had one 2 man room left but if we wanted they could add an extra bed (this turned out be just a mattress) and we could still get it for the same price, bargain! So we went for the room and all seemed to be working out very nicely.

Now I don't know how we didn't notice this before but it soon turned out that Trulz was a mental. Not only was he bit a weird he was actually a mental and he was suffering from Touretz. ERH OOH! Now to be honest it wasn't that bad and he wasn't swearing all the time he was just very fidgety and a little bit unpredictable. This made for an interesting 3 days in Siem Reap as we were never really sure what was going to happen next. Thing were only intensified with Trulz when he got drunk and started telling dogs to "Fuck off" and punch various walls. I also nearly died laughing when he tried to shot a flaming shot, something I don't think he had ever encountered before and nearly set fire to his face before the Cambodian bar man jumped in in a "What the hell are you doing kinda way".

Anyway I had a real nice time in Siem Reap and we also met up with Becky again (I don't think I have mentioned her yet) but basically this girl we met in Vietnam who was in Siem Reap the same time as us. Angkor watt was fun and was nice to have a few comforts again in the very touristy land of Siem Reap. I think one of the best things about going to Siem Reap was that this meant that we were almost back in Thailand and it was almost the Full Moon party, which I could not wait for!

Cambodia was a quality place, it seemed to have a certain level of lawlessness which none of the other places in South East Asia had so far had. Part of me feels it would have been great to have spent a bit longer here and visited a few more places. But never mind i guess I could always come back again one day if I really feel I had missed out.

Now onward back to Thailand and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here isa picture of Trulz with Tommy.