Monday, 4 May 2009

Bangkok Pt.3

Bangkok Pt.3 was a 2 night stop over in Bangkok which was more of a necessity rather than something we wanted to do. To get out of Cambodia we could either bus straight to Koh Samui from Siem Reap which would have been very expensive and taken nearly 30 hours or go via Bangkok stay there for a night then head down to the Thai islands as we made our way to the full moon party.

The original plan was to just stay one night to catch up on some sleep and then head south. However it turned out that people we knew were back in the city as well and also Tommy wanted to watch the Pacquiao/Hatton fight so ended up staying 2 nights instead.

We had spent a huge amount of time down Khoasan Road in Bangkok, the backpackers mecca, but we had never stayed down there. So this time we decided it would be good to find a place down Khoasan for a change rather than 40 minutes away on the other side of the city we had stayed previously. While it was good to stay on Khoasan road it was such a pain getting to anywhere else in Bangkok and there is far more to Bangkok than Khoasan road so found staying here very frustrating, so will not be something I will do again.

It was great to be in Bangkok again and be surrounded by the sky scrappers and the sweaty intense pace the city has. I headed off the first night to meet up with Phung who I had meet the last time I was here. I remember thinking while waiting for the skytrain on the platform how much I love big the cities. It was whilst looking around at the skyscrapers and highways that surrounded me I decided that when I return home I am definitely going to make the move to one of the bigger cities in England. It all depends whether I can get some work when get back, but I would love to live in London at some point after I get back. It was nice to think that this trip was starting to give me a clue of what I wanted to do with myself once I returned to the U.K.

Only a few weeks before we arrived in Bangkok, Bangkok was all over news due to the state of emergency being declared as the Red shirt protesters were rioting over their exiled leader, the former prime minister of Bangkok. Whilst driving around in a taxi on the second day I looked out the window to see the burnt out bus that was shown again and again on the news that was crashed into the electricity pylon by the red shirts. Was not expecting to See the bus there at all and it did look like an absolute mess. Unfortunately I went past it so quickly I didn't get a chance to get a photo of it.

We decided as we were staying on Khaosan and that there were a few people we knew also in the same area that we had to go on a night out in the city. We saw Dasha again as well as meeting up with Becky who we had shared a room with in Vietnam. We also got introduced to Pete, Dasha Australian friend who had met Dasha whilst working in London, but I will talk about Pete a bit more later. Was a good night out and I managed to fall asleep outside my hotel room door for 20 minutes while Tommy went off to find the hotel room key which I thought was quite impressive.

The next day both feeling a little rough we went to catch the Hatton fight and then headed off to the cities many shopping centers just to do a bit of window shopping to pass the time. This is an extremely frustrating thing to do when you can't afford anything and are looking round a city with so much to offer like Bangkok. At one point we ended up being interviewed by some Thai University students about our thoughts on Phuket. Luckily for them we had already been there and could answer all the questions they asked us. Unfortunately I think I upset the interviewer as I did nothing but slate Phuket and it was very obvious that she loved the place hence deciding to do her University project on it.

Later that day while I was waiting for Tommy who was in the Toilet in MBK, Pete who we had met last night appeared from no where and was about to head off down to Koh Samui. I couldn't really remember much about Pete from the night before as I didn't get to talk to him too much but I thought it's always good to meet up with people you know in places so we exchanged numbers in the hope of possibly meeting up again down in Samui.

Like I said it was great to be back in Bangkok again but this time I couldn't wait to get out and make my way back down south to the beautiful Thai islands.