Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bangkok Pt.4

Who'd believe it Back again! I wasn't really sure what my plan was when I came back to Bangkok and I wasn't sure how long I was going to be there for or really what I would do. I headed back to Bangkok on the 12th of May and I was debating whether or not to stay here in Bangkok for my birthday as I wanted to be in a place I knew so I could work out what I wanted to do rather than go somewhere new. But doing this would mean staying another week in Bangkok and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this. So I was just going to take each days as it came and if I was still enjoying being in the city then I would stay. As it turned out, not really as any surprise, I loved being back in the big city so ended up staying another week here just getting up to various bits and bobs and just enjoying having no responsibilities other than my duty to stay within my budget as much as possible. So as usual here is a bit about some other the things I got up to while I was in the Capital of Thailand.

My trip to Bangkok was the first time myself and Tommy in our 3 months of travels had split up and gone our separate ways. We were often going off and doing other things by our selves but this was the first time we were not in the completely different places. While I went up north to Bangkok, Tommy headed east with Pete, to another Thai island called Krabi. I am not sure if I will regret skipping Krabi for Bangkok as Krabi does not even compare really, its a Thai island for Christs sake and it is a real shame I didn't go. But I am real happy when I am in Bangkok so at least for now I don't regret not going there but when Tommy came back up to Bangkok and I saw the pictures, I must admit I was a little jealous. oooo wells.

One thing on my list of things to do back in Bangkok was to meet up with Lee again. I had had a great time with her here last time and therefore was really looking forward to seeing her again as I had pretty much spoke to her everyday since I had left Thailand back in early April. I met up with Lee on the first night and it was great seeing her again. We grabbed some food at some riverside restaurant, played some pool which she is MENTALLY good at and then went to the cinema to see "Horseman" a weak horror film about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. It was great seeing Lee again although it wasn't quite the same as when I was back here the last time and spending time with her was costing me an arm and a leg and it was just starting to become a bit of a mission. I saw her the next day and went to see some Ska, which was sweeeet, but by now I wasn't really having that much fun anymore as she was just generally hard work and could be doing without it on my travels. So by the end of the second day I sacked Lee off and decided to start doing other things. It was a shame really as I had looked forward to seeing her again but never mind I have some good memories (Rain haha).

I was enjoying my time to myself in Bangkok although on my first day completely on my own I did feel a little bit lost. Having my party of one meals were pretty boring after I stopped seeing Lee and Phung or Aun weren't around and I never really sure what to do with myself during the day as most of my activities in Bangkok involved going out at night. However after the first few days of learning how to do my own things again it was great being by myself. It was a much needed break from Hampson and was nice to just potter around and reflect a bit more on the places I have been and things I have seen a bit more. So much so that by the time Pete and Tommy returned to Bangkok it was almost as if I wasn't happy to see them as I knew that my newly found freedom was to be shortly lived. Although it was great having 2 mates back in the city with me.

After a few days in the city I eventually got in touch with Aun who was now also back in Bangkok after the full moon and caught up with her. I spent a lot of time with her in here and once again got to see even more of Bangkok than I did the time before. Had a few nights out with her, saw where she lived as well as went round the old part of Bangkok to once again take some photos and just generally explore a little bit more of the place. I wasn't to sure what I was getting myself into when I went into the old part with Aun with my SLR round my neck, there were points that night where I thought I would be coming home without my camera. In the end it all worked out for the best I made it back photography equipment intact.

Well as the days ticked and I eventually ended up being in Bangkok to celebrate my 22nd birthday. I've given that its own post which you can cast your eyes over HERE is you so wish. I wasn't planning on it comparing in anyway to my 21st which was off its tis, but to my surprise it turned out to be a pretty sweet day thanks to a certain person and is up there as one of my most memorable birthdays. To read some more about it go HERE.

Interesting taxi ride on one of the last nights in Bangkok. Tommy and myself as well as joined by Phung decided to see "Night at the Museum" at the cinema. We grabbed a taxi from outside the cinema and made out way back to the hostel. Just before we got to the hostel I realized something wasn't quite right when we were going a route we had never gone before. Then there were some blue flashing lights and from no where the police had pulled the taxi over. ERR OHH I thought to myself, whats going on here. The police in Bangkok are notoriously corrupt and really did wonder what was going to happen, not to use but the taxi driver as the police here (so I've read) try as hard as they can not to arrest/exploit tourists, which is jolly nice of them. But anyway as it turns out the reason we got pulled over was that the taxi driver was driving the wrong way down a one way street. I knew something was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time but I had never gone down that road to get to the hostel instead always had to go the long way around then cut through the hostel. So the Policeman checks the drivers license and as it turns out he doesn't have one, which was obviously why he was driving down the wrong way as he wouldn't have had a clue what the sign meant I guess. Thinking that the situation had worked out very well as we had been stopped all bu a 60 second walk from the hostel and we were going to get a free ride out of it. The Police man shone a torch in our face and told us to pay the driver and get out of the cab. PAY THE DRIVER! the guy was driving without a license but we still have to pay him! Didn't make any sense to me. We paid the 3 quid fare and made our way back to the hostel chuckling at how "Thai" that whole situation had been.

Thinking back to my time there its all sort of blurred in to one. I did a lot of pottering about, eating and looking around the shops. I went to the Bangkok weekend market again which was just as good as it was the first time round and brought my sister some birthday presents. I just felt very settled while I was there, I knew what I could do in the city and where everything was (kind of). At one point a Asian man came up to me and asked if I knew how to get to Siam. I thought it was pretty funny he had chosen to ask me out of all the Thais about the place, much like the Japanese guy in Japan asking me where he could inquire abut his lost wallet. The funny things is that I knew were it was and could tell him exactly how to get there. Maybe a sign that I had spent to long in this place.

So eventually my time in Bangkok had to come to an end and once again I was very sad to be saying goodbye to the city. Partly because I wasn't sure whether this was actually going to be my last time here. Part of me felt I would be coming back but at the same time I had no reason to come back again and it would just be a pointless trip so I really wasn't sure. Either way on the 22nd I finally left Bangkok and got on the sleeper train to Chaing Mai and finally making it into the northern sector of Thailand.

What with all the time I have been to Bangkok I have never really put any photos up. So here's some.