Saturday, 30 May 2009


Vientiane was possibly the shortest stay in a place I will have on my trip. My time in Vientiane was a total of around and hour and a half. Just enough time to eat a burger, find the bus station and then make my way to Vang Vein.

Upon arrival and from the short conversations we had with people here there really did not seem to be much to do. So instead of stay here a few nights and then head up to Vang Vein. I decided it would be best to Go up there frsit, do what I wanted do and if I had time head back down to Vientiane and do it properly, so thats what I did...

....Well that concludes me time in Vientiane. No pictures, no experiences, nothing. Just a nice burger and a short rest from bus rides before the 4 hour trip up to Vang Vein.