Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Australia vs Japan

On one of my nights in Melbourne we all headed off to the MCG stadium as the Australian and Japanese football teams were in town for the final world cup qualifier of their group. I had never seen international football before so was looking forward to seeing some, even though it was just Australia and Japan hardly football heavy weights.

At this point I had spent more time in Japan than I had in Australia and liked Japan a lot more than I do Australia so I rooting for Japan. I was sitting next to a lone Japan fan who was very excited to find out I was supporting her home country as well as the fact I had been there also.

Just like the AFL my Favourite part of the whole night was just sitting back and watching the crowd. The Ozzy’s were fairly vocal and there was a large amount of banter flying about all over the place. I wasn’t too far from the Japanese corner of the stadium and they seemed to be enjoying themselves although there really wasn’t very many of them unsurprisingly. There was also the ocational Mexican wave keeping things interesting.

Japan took the lead and held it for most of the game but the game finished Australia 2, Japan 1. Both teams had already qualified for the world cup so there wasn’t really much to play for other than who would go to the easier group in the finals.
I had a great night at the footy and it made me one day really want to go see an England international, preferably one that meant something rather than a friendly or a qualifier. I would especially love to see a game as an away supporter one day in the not so distant future. Trip to South Africa anyone?


  1. awesome.
    Did you note that Aus was the FIRST team to qualify for the cup? :) England just has now, what 3 months later??

  2. It's soccer in Melbourne not football.

  3. In England it's football not soccer.

  4. Such a FAG sport!