Friday, 5 June 2009

Bangkok Pt.5

Trip number 5 to Bangkok was basically to give me a chance to say goodbye to the city. I couldn't believe exactly 3 months after I first got here I was back here again, especially considering I hated the place first time round. It was a complete accident really I ended up falling for the city so much in the first place, as I had to come back here for 8 days so I could sort out my Vietnam visa. It was during this 8 day stay that I got used to the city, learnt how to get around and just generally got very settled here. I have spent a total of 28 nights here which is just mental considering what I could have done with that time while in Thailand. I guess I have missed out on going to some quality places, but at the end of the day I was just always so happy here I was never really to fussed about going anywhere else.

I made some great friends here and will be very sad to say a final goodbye to them all when I fly out on the 5Th. I think the thing that makes me saddest about leaving is that even if I do come back in however many years time it really wont be the same experience as it would just be for a holiday rather than what I have done now.

My time here this time round was basically spent pottering around doing everything I have loved doing here one last time, all very sentimental really, but has been nice. Also did a few things I hadn't done before like take a pedalo out on the lake at Lumpini park. This little activity took a turn for the worse when we got the boat stuck under the bridge and then a lizard thing bigger than a small child starting circling us, I was well scared.

Apart from that my final trip here has just involved riding the sky train about, going to the cinema, playing Guitar Hero in the arcades and just going round the shopping malls. I also went up the Bayokie Sky Hotel again but this time found a golf driving range half way up! Was well surprised. So paid my 40 baht and got 50 balls which I tried to whack out over the Bangkok sky line but the problem was the only club they had left was a sandwedge, so all my balls were going sky high rather than forwards! As well as the golf I also said some sad farewells to Aun and all the other friends I had made here during my time in the city.

For some reason it feel very attached to this city and I will be very sad to say a final goodbye when I eventually leave for good. Next is Kuala Lumpur another South East Asian mega city, I wonder how it will compare to here.

Bye Bye Bangkok : (


  1. Did you take that photo at the top? It's fucking awesome.

  2. Yep! Didn't have a tripod so had to flip the camera upsidedown to steady it on the bottom of the advert. Changed the shutter settings to keep it open for about 8 seconds then BAM! Awsome photo captured. Had to then spin it round on my camera.

    Pleased you like it man !!