Thursday, 16 July 2009

Airlie Beach

I stayed at Airlie Beach 3 nights in total. Once the night before the Whitsundays, the second and third nights after Whitsunday's.

Didn't really get up to too much here other then sunbathing in the man made lagoon and then have a night out with the rest of the group on the first night out after the sailing trip. Was a cool little backpackers town full of people doing the Whitsunday's. That was about it for Airlie Beach... A Part from one idiot who I was sharing a room with who before I had even really met him wanted to show me his new tattoo. It said "Slap The Goon". Goon is a type of cheap wine out here in Australia. It's like getting Carling tattooed somewhere. Whata wolly.


  1. I'm planning to go to Perth, Australia next month and I might consider visiting that beach. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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