Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dunk's In Melbourne

Well guess who else is in Melbourne! Only Duncan bloody Whitlam!! I had not been in Melbourne more than a few days when Dunk made the journey over from Shepperton a few hours north to see me. It was so good to see a mate from home after not seeing anyone for so long. Although it was a little strange as I had hardly got to know Melbourne in the few days I was here and felt it my responsibility to show Dunk around. Not knowing anything about Melbourne other than the fact it was easy to scam free trams made this rather difficult. I had decided not to worry about my slowly vanishing funds while Dunk was here and just enjoy a few days with him.

Dunk didn't arrive till about 3pm and once we had got him and his mates Andy and Quinny checked in there wasn't really much time to do anything. Part of me wishes I was staying somewhere else while Dunk and that were here as The Nunnery doesn't really have the best party vibe, its a real nice hostel but in terms of the fun I've had in some of the other during my travels it didn't really compare. I think they still liked it none the less.

Quinny was hungry so our first port of call that day was KFC. We jumped on the tram, got a bite to eat and then went for a cheeky pint over the road. As I had already made the decision not to worry about money I grabbed a bottle of "Asahi" which set me back 8 bucks but was definitely worth it. By that point there wasn't really much time left to do anything so we jumped back on the tram to the hostel to quickly change into something a bit more presentable for a night out around Melbourne.

That night we didn't really venture into the CBD but spent all our time around the Fitzroy area where we were staying. We had a few drinks in Gertrude's Brown Couch but it was pretty dead as it was a Tuesday night. After that we made our was down Brunswick Street stopping off at any bars that took our fancy. After a while we heard that a few other people from the hostel were now back at Gertrude's so we made our way back to the Brown couch. It perked the night up a bit when we got a few more people involved and stayed there another hour or so. We then headed back to Brunswick street and tried to find anywhere that was still open. Eventually found somewhere and I went off to grab a kebab as at this point was fairly hungry. Not long after that we headed back to the hostel. It was a strange night that never really went anywhere but I really liked it obviously as Dunk was about.

On day 2, slightly hungover the first thing we did was a trip to Melbourne aquarium. This was my second trip to an aquarium during travels after my trip to Osaka's back in February, so really could have missed it out. Was still good though, saw some penguins and tropical fish and as usual was freaked out by the jelly fish on display. I really don't understand them, they are just slimy bits of nothing, its crazy! It was a bit of a whistle stop tour of the Aquarium as we made our why through each tank fairly quickly. After that we made our first of 2 stops to the Melbourne Casino. I had never been to a Casino before and was surprised at 2 things, firstly how big it was and secondly how many people there were gambling their lives away at 1pm in the afternoon! A surprising majority of these people seemed to be middle aged Asians as well! I didn't put any money on anything on my first time at the casino, especially after Dunk lost $10 in the blink of an eye. After that we headed to the Eureka Sky tower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere to see the views from the top. When we got there though the ticket man at the bottom said that visibility was pretty shite so was probably worth coming back tomorrow if we could, so we did. The rest of the day we just spent pottering round the shops while Dunk and his mates brought things, while we killed time before the Australia vs Japan world cup qualifier that was being held a the MCG that night.

After the game we went back to the casino. This time round I actually put some money down and tried my hand at the roulette table. It started off badly and I lost $10 almost as quickly as Dunk had earlier that day. I decided to whack on a bit more and chase my loses which is always a bad idea. However it must have been beginners luck as eventually I pulled it back and left the casino $20 up! It was great it was almost a free night accommodations had I won another $10 which I was very tempted to try and do. In the end I thought it was probably best to call it a day there and be happy with my $20. My first ever casino experience made me realise how easy someone could become addicted to gambling so I thought it was probably a good idea not to go back again anytime soon.

The next day we went back to see if the visibility today was any better than the day before. Thankfully it was so for the slightly extortionate fee of $16 we got in the lift and shot up 300 meters to the very top of the building for some awesome views of Melbourne. Been up a lot of towers so far and I think I liked this one the best due to all the little telescopes at the top pointing at various locations around the city. It meant I could work out what the hell i was looking at from the top of the towers. Not long after we had been up the tower we had to head back to the station and I had to wave good by to Dunk and he 2 mates.

It was great to see Dunk after all this time as I don't think I had seen him since Christmas, neither of us could remember the last time we saw each other. I am not sure when but at some point I am sure we will meet again, I may even make the 2 hour journey to see him in Shepparton at some point.