Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the world’s biggest sand islands and can be found just off the east coast of Australia a few hours from Brisbane. I did a 3 day, 2 nights 4WD self drive around the island with 9 other people to see what the island had to offer. For a change I thought I would just upload a load of pictures from my time at Fraser Island and just add a little caption to each photo. However in retrospect I will not do it again as it was a right mission. Enjoy....

The day before we set off to the island we were put into our group and sorted out what we would be eating and the route we would be taking around the island. We all headed off to the local supermarket and spent what seemed like forever working out the best way to spend out $200 food budget so that we didn't stave to death over the next 3 days.

Here is the first of many (too many) group pictures we took. This was just before we set of from the hostel after we had packed the car and checked all the gear. We were all quite excited at this point.

Here we are on the boat making the short 10 minute journey over to Fraser.

Here I am driving the 4WD. The first 10 minutes were a breeze as this was all on the tarmac on the way to the ferry port, although it seemed very strange driving 9 other people around. Unsurprisingly due to my complete lack of experience, within the first 30 meters of me getting on to the sand I had got us all stuck. Everyone had to then jump out and help push us out of the sand as I reversed out of the little hole I had dug the car into.

On our way to our first stop we saw a Dingo. As this was the first one we saw everyone went crazy and took loads of photos. Little did we know we would see hundreds while we were here.

Here is the gang in the back of the car. I am driving at this point so not in the picture.

This was taken just as we got off the boat. I was finding it a little hard to drive at this point.

First stop was Lake Wabi

These are the dunes at Lake Wabi. They went on for quite a way and looked how I would imagine a desert to look like.

Sitting next to the edge of the lake.

All we got to do on the first day was Lake Wabi. This was taken on route to our first camp site of the trip. It was a 45 minute journey through the woods and some awesome off road driving. Occasionally I would hit some bumps at a bit of speed to get a few screams from the back, it was funny.

That night we had a BBQ at the campsite. We had over estimated on the meat front and had roughly a whole pig each sausage wise.

Here we are all tucked up in our tents on the first night. Getting some sleep in before our 6am start the next day.

Day 2. This was taken around 7am at the picnic area near Lake McKenzie. Everyone is making breakfast here.

Fraser Island played host to one of my top 5 (yes I have made a short list) moments on my entire travels so far. It was 6:00am and we had got up extra early so that we could get to Lake McKenzie before all the coach parties arrived and turned the beach into a sea of sunbathing bodies. We eventually got there at 7ish and while everyone was making the breakfast, as driving I was instantly free of this responsibility, I ran down to the lake to take a peak at what we had got up so early to go and see. I am so pleased I did as when I got down there, there was not a single person down there and I had the whole of the lake to myself, it was amazing. It was exactly the same "wow" feeling as when I had seen the golden pavilion. I just sat on the perfect white sand and just thought to myself that I was the only person in the world at Lake McKenzie right now and it felt very special.

This was another of the many group pictures taken of us all at Lake McKenzie.

At Lake McKenzie we made a human pyramid

After Lake McKenzie we drove past this shipwreck on the beach on the way to Indian head.

This is a picture of me sitting at Indian Head point at the most Northerly place we could get to in our 4wd on the island. It took about 2 hours of Jonas driving for us to get there and it was a waste of time really. The view wasn’t that great and I don't think we even saw some whales which was the only reason we went there.

Another group picture at Indian Head.

On our second night on the island we stayed at an Aboriginal camp.

Right near where we set up camp for the second night was this massive spider. The Abos who ran the sight said not to worry as it couldn’t kill you, it would just make you "a bit" sick.

4As part of our stay at the Aboriginal camp some Aboriginals put on a show for us. It was shite.

They gave us body paints and encouraged us to get involved.

We also got a breif didgeridoo lesson.

Day 3. This is the wreck of the Maheno we had driven past the day before. This time we all got out and took some photos.

Here is a photo of me taking a photo of the Maheno

Our last stop was Eli Creek.

I thought it was far too cold to get in but Paul didn't seem to care.

Here is a nice little shot of the 4WD that got us round Fraser. I don't know who took this.

On the way back to the 4WD from one of the lakes I thought I was possibly going to die as when I was walking along I felt a seriously sharp pain on the bottom of my foot. I looked down to see a huge ant taking a nice little chunk out of my foot. The sharp pain then spread all over the bottom of my foot. Have know clue what had just bitten by other than it was a very large ant with a red backside I then started to panic thinking at any point my heart might stop, head may explode or I would fall down dead and probably burst into flames. Luckily I didn't, but the pain kept getting worse and my foot started to feel very weird. Like all real men though I just kept going and just walked it off. I still have massive red lump on the bottom of my foot now, although I have been assured its nothing serious and will go in about 5 weeks. This was not the ant hat bite me. That ant is now dead. But I thought I would use this picture of an ant anyway.

All good things come to an end and we eventually had to make our way back to the boat for the 10 minute ride back to the mainland. As you can see I don't think Tommy really wanted to leave


  1. hey great post...i've been trying to research which tour group to join...
    looks like you had a great trip on yours...what company was this with?
    i'm headed out to aus on fri...
    angie from toronto

  2. Hello Angie.

    I booked this tour through a travel agent when i got to brisbane. I cant remember the name of the agency but I stayed at rainbow beach backpackers and that was the hostel that provided the tour. It was a package deal. I think you can cut out the middle man and book directly through the hostel rather than the travel agency and do the tour from the rainbow beach backpackers.

    was a great 3 days!!

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