Monday, 24 August 2009


Well after a 7 month holiday I have finally had to get myself a job. Boooo! However I can now start earning some dollar and having some fun again. Hoorah!

After attempting a couple of shitty sales jobs and deciding I am definitely NOT a salesman I have now found myself a new full time job as a salesman....

I am basically phoning up the people of Australia and trying to get them to buy injury protection insurance. Its £11 an hour to sit there and make calls, which is crazy. I have never earnt so much in my life! So now all I need to do is start saving the dollars to get myself back on the road again.

So far in my attempt to sell! sell! sell! I managed to end up discussing Bull's semen over the phone with a customer. Strangely however it worked and he took out the policy, might try bringing it up more often from now on.

So Melbourne is going to be my new home for the next few months while I work out where to go next. Watch this space.....


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