Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Hospital Visit

I managed to fit in a cheeky trip to the hospital as well while I was in Melbourne. For the first time since I was about 6, I ended up spending 3 days, 2 nights in Hospital.

I had been struggling with flu for a day or 2 and by Monday night I didn’t even have the energy to lift my arms up or really see clearly, which was slightly concearning. Thinking it could either be a bad flu, malaria or even swine flu. I thought as I am staying in a hostel I better get checked out before I give it to everyone in the hostel.

When I got to hospital it started off as suspected swine flu and I was put in quarantine and had to wear a mask and everyone that came near me had to be completely covered from head to toe in robes, gloves, hates and masks. I felt a little bit like Elliot must have in the final scenes of E.T. Once they found out it wasn’t swine flu it then went to tonsillitis, a condition that baffled the nurses due to my lack of tonsils. At one point the doctor actually said to me “I have never seen anything like this before”, which worried me a bit. Maybe I was evolving? After a while it then slowly morphed into possible glandular fever and then eventually to a no specific throat infection.

I don’t think at any point they were sure what I had. It was a very strange 3 days 2 nights in Hospital but 3 days I quite enjoyed it none the less, not that I am planning on making trips to hospital more regularly. It is just that I got 2 nights free accommodation, all thanks to her majesty as well as all my meals and cable TV. I guess the only reason I enjoyed my stay in hospital so much was the fact I wasn’t really that ill. At times I did feel bad taking up the hospital bed but if I really was OK the doctors would have sent me home. I pretty much had a drip hooked up to my arm for the whole time I was there pumping fluids and antibiotics into me around the clock. I was on a ward with only old people and if I learn nothing else from my travels my time in hospital definitely taught me to look after myself now as I do not want to be falling apart when I am old. Maybe getting my 5 a day from now on may be a plan.

*I do realsie it might seem a bit odd to post up a picture of yourself in a hospital bed. But I can assure you that i'm not as ill as I probably look. The anti pluage mask just makes me look like I am falling apart.