Thursday, 6 August 2009

Melbourne Pt.2

My second visit to Melbourne was quite an eventful one involving 2 jobs, lots of Tennis, an art exhibition, as well as a 3 day stay in an Australian hospital with a suspected case of swine flu.

I was staying back of the nunnery so was taking full advantage of the free food on offer there and stretching my budget as fair as humanly possible. Last time I was in Melbourne I was introduced to a quality little pizza restaurant that did awesome pizzas for only $4! That’s 2 quid! So would often pop along to Bimbos for a pizza in an effort to stretch my funds as long as possible while looking for work.

Last time I was in Melbourne I had really wanted to go to the Salvador Dalí exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria but hadn’t got round to it for a number of reasons. However this time I managed it and thought it was worth every cent. It went through his entire history of painting starting from his early works such as landscapes and portraits. I couldn’t be bothered with all that I just wanted to see some proper mental pictures. Eventually his surreal work started popping up and it was quality. The thing I love about Dalí paintings are I feel like each one is like you are looking through a window. Each one seems to have so much space to me they seem so real while they quite obviously aren’t. Unfortunately his most famous piece, the only with the floppy clocks, wasn’t there but I got to see the Lobster phone, a piece I had wanted to see for years. One massive school boy error was that we went on a Saturday. No idea why considering we could have gone anytime, so the exhibition was very very busy.

When I wasn’t looking at art I was also playing Tennis. I befriended the night porter at the hostel, after I had been locked out of my room in my boxers at 4am, a pretty funny story which I am surprised I haven’t mentioned on here already. But he got free access to the Tennis courts so had a few games with him. This reignited my enjoyment of Tennis and will probably try play a bit more when I get home (maybe).

I think it is worth mentioning the Friers family at this point. Tommy has some family friends here in Melbourne who were amazing to us while we were here. During my first stay in Melbourne we went round one night for dinner which was so nice having a proper home cooked meal after so many months eating out and about. This time round we went for dinner again, twice, once being Dave’s famous chilli, the other a full Sunday roast, a lamb roast as well!! As well as all the meal they made us they also took me and Tommy out for the evening to see the mighty “Melbourne Storm” rugby league side. Rugby isn’t very big in Melbourne, its all ozzy rules down there so the crowd and stadium weren’t very big. However it was great seeing a bit of live sport and also great to get taken out and not having to worry about how much of the budget it was eating into as Dave paid for everything which was so good of him. The Friers did a lot for us while we were in Melbourne and I really appreciated it.

I also had 2 very brief jobs while I was here. They were both brief because they were both terrible and eventually decided it wasn't worth getting out of bed for either of them. First job I last approximately 2 hours. This was supposed to be a job selling green energy to the people of Melbourne door to door. After 120 minutes of training for this I decided there was no way I was going to be a door to door sales man. So when we were sent off on our first break decided it wasn't worth returning, so sacked it off and went home. Job number 2 was as a sales person for the Red Cross. For this I had to get people signed up for monthly donations to help kids get breakfast in the morning. I lasted a little longer with this job, 3 days in total. It started well and on my first day on the streets I had earned 150 quid. However it went down hill from there and I just got to the point that I could not be bothered with it all anymore, the people were awful and I don't stop for these guys back home so why should I subject these guys to it here. Oh and it was also 100% commission. Whata joke!!

So I think that may be it for Melbourne now. I really did like Melbourne, especially the Fitzroy area I was staying in. I was pretty sad to leave when the time came as I just couldn’t seem to find a decent job there. It was such a shame, I think if things work out I will try and get back there during their summer and see what the place looks like in the sun, amazing I imagine. But for now anyway goodbye Melbourne and onwards to mighty Shepparton.