Saturday, 21 November 2009

Life in Melbourne

My bed for the last 13 weeks. Don't you think the picture makes it look like a prison? It's actually quite nice. (I live on the bottom btw)

My plan was do to do the odd update every so often just to remind myself of what I have been up to while I have been here as well as give you an idea of what I'm getting up to. However while that was the plan, I have been so slack with this and also a complete lack of anything really worth while writing about all my planned update posts are just one now big old "Life in Melbourne" post.

My home is currently a hostel in the center of the CBD in Melbourne. I was originally living back at the Nunnery for the first few weeks I was here but it was just far to expensive. So I did a bit of a look around and found a hostel which worked out nearly $90 cheaper a week! I am now living in Melbourne connection Backpackers. I have been living for the last 10 weeks in a six person dorm with Tommy, another English guy called Jon, an Irish man with the thickest Irish accent I can only understand him 50% of the time, an American body builder from Texas called Mike and then the other 2 bed are just on constant rotation from various people from around the world.

The majority of my time has been taken up by work, hence the lack of anything interesting to write about. I go into the office at 12pm sit there calling Australians for 8 hours then at 8pm leave. This concludes my day really. Although I do try do something in the morning whether it be taking advantage of the free gym with work or just sorting something out I might need to do while I am out here. Like using the tumble dryer or going food shopping.
Main aim out here is to save and for the first time in my life have had to actually drawn up a budget. Saving $400 a week, then $140 for rent, $80 for food and $100 to do whatever the hell I want with as still want to get up to some stuff while I am here. Although $100 on a night out lasts about 5 minutes with beer prices here.

Tues night is cheap Cinema night in Melbourne Central so go there to watch the latest flick if there is ever anything decent to watch, which there rarely is this time of year.

Slowly getting to know people around the city now as bump into people now and again which is just crazy when it happens. Be it work people or friends or people from hostels. Got a bit a group forming as well from good mates I've made from hostels as well as friends of friends.

I am just generally getting a bit settled here now. Which is cool, but I have no intention of staying her forever not that I can. Although I think it may be very hard to leave when I fly to Hong Kong in November, especially as the weather will be getting very nice.

I really can't think of what else to write about really. Anyway here is a collection of random photos from various day/nights/events these past 5 months.

More pictures to follow

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