Friday, 16 October 2009

Where is Rob? ...Only On

Not usually one to blow my own trumpet but I thought I would just this once as I am pretty chuffed with myself. A few weeks ago I submitted an application to Lonely Planet to include this here blog in their "blogsherpa" and it only went and got accepted!


"BlogSherpa is our blogging platform that allows travel writers to publish their work on and share the advertising revenue from those pages."

...I just like the fact I am now considered a travel writer haha

So now when anyone searches Chiand Mai for example on LP my blog will pop up allowing people to read a first hand account of the place they are thinking about going to. Pretty coooool aye. (Well I think it is anyway)

If you click on the blogs through Lonely Planet there is a bit on the right hand side of the page that says "Revenue paid by these advertisers is shared between Google and Where is Rob?. Lonely Planet does not make money from these ads." I am yet to see any of this revenue but hopefully one day I will see something.

I just hope that they don't notice that I have the spelling abilities of an 8 year old and never actually managed to grasp basic punctuation skills and kick me off.

( ^ Click and enlarge this one! ^)