Sunday, 22 November 2009

On the move...

Well its been 5 awesome months but I am now finally on the move again taking a short trip back to Asia before heading back to Australia again for the NYE.

Melbourne has been my home here is Australia on and off for the past 5 months and I am now about to head to Hong Kong for 5 days of Chinese based madness. If I have time I will also pop ove the the Las Vegas of Asia that is Macu, a small island/country/thing to the west of Hong Kong. After Hong Kong I will be heading back to Thailand for a month of choas with Tom and Chris and then head down to the islands for Christmas day on Ko Pha Ngan. After all that I will be flying back Australia to spend New Years Eve in Sydney (maybe).

Should be an awesome month and a bit and I really can not wait to get travelling again and see a bit more of this planet.

So things should be picking up on here once again as I tear thorugh Asia once again.

Peace x