Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bangkok Pt.6

Well upon arrival in Bangkok for my 4th proper visit (a couple of times where just stop overs) I remembered why Bangkok is currently my favourite city in the world by an absolute mile! The minute I arrived it was chaos, the noise, the smells both good and bad, the traffic, the dirt and the just pure sensory overload that is Bangkok just blew my mind once again and I was so pleased to be back. It's just a city that never really sleeps, with constantly something going on, I really don't think it would be possible to ever be bored in Bangkok.

My trip this time was split in two as the first few days I spent with Aun and her friends getting acquainted with Bangkok life and then the last 3 days were spent with my friends from home Tom and Chris as I showed them around and saw a bit more of the city I was still yet to see.

Aun was supposed to meet me at the airport when I got in however there was a bit of confusions with AM and PMs (haha) so unfortunately I had to make my own way to hers. I was still pretty exhausted from my adventures in Hong Kong so the first night we just rented a load of films and I chilled round hers.

The next day Aun had to go to work so I was left to my own devices. My first full day back in Bangkok basically consisted of me sleeping a lot of it, updating this place and then going on a mini-adventure to try and find some food. That night Aun and I took on some of her friends at Badminton. I love Badminton but hadn't played in ages so was a little concerned as to my playing abilities but managed to pull through without looking like a total mess. Was great fun and had a real good time getting to know her friends and work colleges. After the Badminton they all took me out for what they called "The Best Pad Thai" in Bangkok. I was pretty intrigued as to a Thai persons opinion of Pad Thai so was more than happy to go along. The Pad Thai was a lot different to some of the other Pad Thai's I had had, mainly as it arrived in an omelet rather than the egg all mixed up within it but it was awesome.

After that her and a load of her friends were off to some rock night just off Khoasan so went along to see what it was all about. Had a few beers and was loving not having to pay Ozzy prices for drink, got a round of 3 beers for 4 quid!

The next day was Saturday so I wasn't left home alone again. However the Badminton had taken it's toll on me and I was knackered. We took a stroll to one of the main Wats near Aun's place and did some praying. I wasn't really sure what I was doing but tried to pay my respects the best I could. After that we headed over to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center to see “Twist and Shout” a exhibition of Japanese contemporary art and as I presumed it was off its tits. The strangest thing I saw was 2 men dressed up as the KFC Colonel and Ronald McDonald feeding each other. But the screen it was on could only be viewed through binoculars. Madness. I really enjoyed it though as a whole and it was free, absolute bonus. In the evening just popped over to China town took a few photos then crashed out I now felt proper ill.

The next day was the long anticipated arrival of Tom and Chris. I had been looking forward to hitting Bangkok with then ever since I found out they were going to be traveling. However the first day was very much the calm before the storm which worked out very well for me as I was still struggling from Hong Kong and Friday nights Badminton. As I thought they were both extremely jet lagged so I showed them round the city for a bit taking them to Central World Plaza and a few of the other more built up areas and as I thought absolutely screwed with their tiny little jet lagged minds how busy it was. That night we just watched Arsenal get hammered by Chelsea 3-0 and I got to enjoy watching Chris get extremely angry. After that we just went to bed.

Next day was a bit more eventful as we set out to see some more of the city by day. I had been in Bangkok altogether over a month and still had not been to the Royal Palace, so this was my chance. First thing we did was jump in a taxi and head to the Palace. However I had forgotten everything I had learned last time I was in Asia and tried rocking up to the Palace in shorts and Chris a vest. This is a big no no so we all had to hire suitable clothing. This however made us all look like janitors especially Chris who had to hire the whole get up. Had a wonder around the palace, looked at the King's guns and also had a bit of a ganders around the Palace of the Emerald Buddha. It was all very spectacular and I could tell why everyone always asked if I had been there yet as it was definitely something special.

That night we hit Bangkok as a team for the first time. Hit Soi cowboy which once again blew Chris and Tom's minds then headed to Khoasan road to see it by night. Met up with Aun and we just chilled with a bucket while Chris tried to woo some Swedish girl. It wasn't as eventful as I had hoped but was a good introduction as what was to come.

However the next day for some reason was an absolute wash out as we were all suffering incredible hangovers. To cut a not very long story even shorter we slept most of the day and then some how managed to go on another night out and didn't get back till 6am. I feel there is so much more I could probably write about but I wont I am being lazy so just read Chris's blog if you want to know some more haha

To round things off though I had a wicked time once again in my favourite city on earth, after Norwich of cause. Was great to see Aun again and great to be with 2 friends I hadn't seen for so many months with. However one final note is that I think if it wasn't for me Chris and Tom would definitely be penniless and naked in a ditch somewhere in Bangkok. The amount of scams I had to pull them away from was funny as. Peace and enjoy the pictures.



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