Friday, 11 December 2009

Bangkok Pt.7

Only 2 days in Bangkok this time and this time at the request of Tom and Chris who wanted to spend a couple more days here as this would be there last chance to spend some proper time in the city before they flew to Australia. This was fine by me as I'll take any old excuse to spend some time in Bangkok.

They wanted to buy a few bits and bobs before heading to the south as well as having one last big night out in the city. However this plan failed miserably firstly because Tom threw up for about 11 hours straight on the night train from Chaing Mai and I took a turn for the worst and developed my second horrendous sore throat since I left Australia, as well as a bit of a cold. So Tom spent the majority of day 1 in bed trying not to be sick and I just felt a little sorry for myself so took it easy. Chris and I had a little stroll around some of the shopping malls as he was looking for a new camera and I wanted some board shirts which I have been meaning to buy for ages. That night we stayed in for the first time since getting to Thailand and watched "The Hangover". I gave it 3 popcorns out of a possible 5.

The next day was more constructive as Tom had stopped throwing his guts up and I felt a fair bit better so we headed out to the shopping malls again and did a bit of shopping. I brought some strepsels and board shorts, Tom got some Raybans and Chris still had his eye on a camera. We also all went for a group hair cut, my second that week as the last guy refused to do what I wanted.The man who cut my hair spoke little English so handed me a bunch of photos of hair cuts. The majority of the photos were of Thai guys however there were a few of westerners. It pains me to say it but the picutre I ended up choosing was of Will Young, so I am currently sporting a Will Young, bad times.

That night went to Lumphrini park where there was a huge Bangkok street performers festival on. We walked round the park for an hour or so and saw jugglers, bubble blowers, dancers and for some unexplanined reason a load of Thai guys dressed as Elvis singing Jason Mraz songs.

After the park we had a half hearted attempt at a night out. Had a few beers in some of the bars around Bangkok including a terrible rock bar, played a couple of games of pool, walked aimlessly down Khoasan road then went to bed.

All in all (as usual) a good couple of days in the capital. Slightly dampened by the fact we were feeling a bit under the weather but nevermind now off to the south to spend some time on the Andaman coast. Bonza!!