Sunday, 7 March 2010

Koh Lanta

The plan of action for Koh Lanta = chill the fark out!

After a horrendously heavy 3 nights in Phi Phi I penciled in some much needed chill out time in koh Lanta before we headed to Koh Phangan for the Christmas Full Moon parties.

Me and Chris were both absolute shambles on the boat over which did nothing but confirm the fact we definitely needed 3 days of doing nothing before we took a few years off our lives with 5 solid days of partying in koh phangan.

I didn't think the area we stayed at was the most attractive area we could have gone for but I really wasn't in the mood for exploring the island as all I really wanted to do was chill out and try recover from this strange little virus I seem to be suffering from at the moment.

Koh Lanta has a reputation for being a very chilled out island which I definitely agree with that. There were a few things going on but nothing like what goes on at Phi Phi and other islands. I got the impression Koh Lanta was much more of a family orientated island as I saw more families than ever before pottering around the beach.

As we had planned to chill out and recover while on Lanta we didn't really do a lot. Our days consisted of getting up about midday. Getting some lunch and then just lying on the beach for a few hours, playing catch, practicing juggling or splashing about in the sea. After all the beach based antics we would retire to the room and watch a large amount of the South Africa v England first test on the TV and maybe fall asleep. Then when we got bored of that we would just head out to get some food.

I had a nice time in Koh Lanta was nice to kick back, save the pennies and relax a bit. I didn't really see much of Koh Lanta and maybe it would have been nice to hire peds on one of the days and explore the island but nevermind. I leave Koh Lanta with good memories of beaching it and watching the Cricket. What more does a man need? Maybe an Xbox 360 would have been nice. hahaaa.