Monday, 8 March 2010

Ko Pha-Ngan Pt. 2

If anyone can remember my posts on the FM the last time I was there would remember how much I enjoyed it so pretty much one of the main reasons for me coming back to Thailand again was that I just really wanted to do another. My thoughts on this were simple, there is a huge amount of things on this earth that I can enjoy at any age but when it comes to things such as the FMP I can't really do that when I am a 40 something. Therefore I thought while I get the chance I should come back again and enjoy another 5 days of bucket fueled partying in Koh Pha Ngan.

We arrived as usual an absolutely exhausted mess but not from any form of beach party the night before, but just from an horrendous journey right across Thailand. It involved 3 buses, 1 boat and a taxi. The whole journey took about 13 hours and when we arrived in Koh Pha Ngan all we wanted to do was sleep. So we checked into our rooms and fell asleep to the soothing sound of the Ricky Gervais pod casts with Karl Pilkington.

First day started fairly badly with me going on another trip to the doctors. I have mentioned it now and again in previous posts but pretty much the whole time in Thailand I had some form of cold or sore throat which wasn't really the end of the world but was very annoying. Especially after some stupid waiter threw my original course of antibiotics out by mistake. This meant that my sore throat had come back once again. However it got so bad in Koh Pha Ngan that the first night there I was actually woken up in the night by it. So I thought it was about time I actually got myself to the doctors about it. So at 9am on my very first day back in Koh Pha Ngan I was on my way to the doctors. Turned out I had pharyngitis and needed 3 different types of medicine to wipe it out. It was nice to know it wasn't anything serious but a pain as I now had to carry a big bag of pills with me everywhere I went for the next 3 days.

Once that was all out the way I was then able to enjoy my self and get back into the swing of things in Had Rin. We walked around the town for a bit just to see what was around. There were lots of shops selling X-mas gear with lots of Christmas movies and songs blasting out of most of the cafes and restaurants. We headed to Outback bar, a place I went to quite a bit last time I was there, to grab some food and mong out for most of the afternoon watching a collection of fairly shite films. One of which was one terrible 90's high school drama flick with Usher, the other was Speed Racer which is just an insane mix of colours and not much else. After that we headed to the beach to get some sun then headed back to our bungalow to get ready for our first night on the island.

That night was the Coral Bungalow Pool party where we were staying. I didn't manage to make my way to one last time so wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When we first got there not much was really happening a few people were hanging around t he pool having a few drinks and it was all very civilised. Then slowly taxi after taxi kept bring more and more people along and it all started kicking off. For the next 4-5 hours people were just constantly jumping in the pool and splashing around and generally having a good time. Although to be honest constantly jumping in the pool did get a bit boring after a while. I think we were there for the best part of 5 hours just generally observing the chaos that was going on around us when we eventually decided to quit while we were a head and head to the beach. Tom has already gone to bed at this point so it was just me and Chris. I must have walked for about 15 seconds and when I turned around to speak to Chris he had vanished. It turned out some cockhead had rugby tackled Chris into the pool as we walked by. The only problem with this was that Chris was full clothed with mobile phone and wallet in the pockets. I have never seen one man look so defeated as he walked back over to be soaking wet and minus his flip-flops. That pretty much killed the night so we retired back to our beds.

The next couple of days and nights were just spent on the beach, sleeping, eating or watching TV. The nights were all awesome consisting mainly of Trance music and alcohol under the Thai night skies. We met a whole host of characters too many to really mention. There was a lot more foam this time round which turned large amounts of sand into a quicksand like mess.

There was one particular event that stood out quite a bit during one of the warm up party's. Somehow I managed to get separated from Tom and Chris for several hours and could not find them anywhere. I eventually decided to give up and head back to the room so jumped on a motorbike taxi and headed back to the bungalow. Lucky for me just before I got to the resort I passed Tom and Chris coming the opposite direction on another Motorbike taxi. Both drivers did very swift U-turns and we final were reunited in the middle of the road outside the Coral Bungalows. It so turned out that Chris and Tom had just spent a very drunken 2 hours in a Tattoo parlour. Slightly concerned as what they may have done to themselves Tom soon reveals a small tattoo on just the right of his hip of a small small with a lawn mower. I could not believe what had just occured. Chris had managed to escape the tattooist gun but not through lack of trying the only reason he didn't get one was he couldn't afford it. Probably for the best as the tattoo he nearly got was designed by him in a very very drunken state and apparently looked like some sort of retarded diamond shape, which I am sure he would have regretted.

The 25th was Christmas day and was unlike any other Christmas I had before and ever have again I imagine. Read about that here if you haven't already.

The night of the actual full moon was a strange affair, we got ourselves painted up obviously but as it wasn't an official FMP it definitely wa a lot less busy. We all lost each other again, I lost my wallet which was a pain but didn't lose any cards or much money thank god just s few Thai Baht.

We spent our last day on the island recovering, eating good food, sitting on the beach and watching the various boxing day football games that were going on back in the UK. Once again I had felt like I had put my body through a lot and was actually quite looking forward to leaving as any longer would probably have been the end of us. The next day we had to check out and then make the very long journey back to Bangkok where I would have to say goodbye to Tom and Chris as they made their way to Australia and our Thailand adventure would eventually come to a close.