Friday, 5 March 2010

Koh Phi Phi Pt.2

The main reason I decided to come back to Phi Phi this time round was that Phi Phi is a bit of a party island and last time I was there I was unlucky enough to be an antibiotics so was not able to drink which does take the fun out of the party a bit. Phi Phi is also a real nice island with some amazing dive spots just a few minutes boat ride away so I really wanted to make the most of my PADI open water diving qualification I got last time I was in Thailand and get a bit more diving in.

The minute we got off the boat in Phi Phi harbour it was very apparent how different it was to Railey we had just left behind. It was a lot more built up and a lot more chaotic than the peaceful Railey we had left behind. But it was exactly what I was expecting so it didn't bother me too much.

Last time I was in Phi Phi it was low season, now it was high season and you could definitely tell the difference. It seemed like a bit of a mad scramble to get accommodation and at first I was slightly concerned it may turn into another Pai situation and the boys and I would have to march around for hours trying to find somewhere. However I thought I'd see if they place I stayed last time had rooms and it did. So walked straight in put our bags down and then headed out for a day on the beach. Easy Peasy.

We were in Phi Phi a total of three nights and went out a total of three nights. The main reason we went was to party I guess. The three nights just sorted of blurred into one really big mess of a night really.

The basic gist of the nights out where after a days beaching we would head off for some food around 8/9 and enjoy a few beers and a burger for an hour or so before turning things up a bit by heading to either Reggae bar or the beach for a few more beers. For me the highlight was always Reggae bar. The only good thing about this bar was that it let people from the audience attempt Thai boxing against another member of the public, their prize, free alcohol. It was an absolute delight watching the absolute idiots voluntarily get their heads smashed in and just generally look very retarded in front of several hundred people all for a bucket of alcohol. After the bars we would head to the beach to take it down a notch before things really kicked off on the beach. There were several fire shows and pool tables on the beach so we could just chill out and enjoy the night.

Come around midnight the bar would start to empty and people from around the island would head to the beach for one of the nightly beach clubs to start pumping out the tunes. My memory of this the last time I was here was that it was a lot more chaotic, but maybe my Full Moon experience had eclipsed this slightly. For the next six hours the various beach bars would pump a array or fairly shit music while everyone got drunk and danced the night away.

However one particular stand out incident involved a extremely inebriated Christopher Hislop. Who after saying he was going to the toilet disappeared for an hour or so while a very worried Tom and I tried to find him. We eventually found him curled up in a ball on a plastic chair with his head in in hands wondering why the beach was spinning. We thought we may as well leave him there till the alcohol wore off and hang around in the vicinity so we could keep an eye on the shambles. We turned our backs for 5 seconds and he was gone. The next 2 hours will forever be a mystery as to where Chris went, what he did and who he talked to however it was at this point we started to get a bit worried so thought we better start a search and rescue operation. After a trip back to the room to find him not in there we got very concerned . Thankfully we bumped into him in the street almost instantly. However he was covered in sand, lots of sand and bits of sick. Bless him. I have never seen Chris so wasted and while I can laugh about it as he didn't die it was quite a worrying 3 hours altogether.

It pains me to say it but due to the beach partying I didn't manage to fit a days diving in. However there were a few other reasons, one being economic as it cost a lot more than I thought it was going to. Also after the knob head waiter in Railey threw my antibiotics away accidentally my throat infection was coming back and I really didn't feel well enough to go diving, which was a shame!

I did however find time to slip in a quick Thai massage while I was in Phi Phi. I had loads last time I was in Thailand as they were great for my bad foot, however it had been nearly 3 weeks this time and I had not had a single one. So I trotted off to find somewhere that didn't look like I would get raped in and payed them my 3 quid and got myself a massage. This turned out to be the most painful massage I have had to date. I was done by possibly Thailand ladies shot put champion. She poked, prodded and bent me till I was an aching painful mess. I walked out resenting her and the place and decided that would probably be my last Thai massage for a while.

Despite the rather moronic nature of it all I had a blast once again and we all were an absolute state come the morning after the final night out and could not wait to get to Koh Lanta where we would be doing a lot of sleeping. While not wanting to come across like too much of a binge drinking fool you can read about my last trip to Phi Phi HERE which involved sight seeing, snorkeling and a lot less alcohol. Anway Onwards to Koh Lanta....



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