Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Night Train to Chiang Mai

I really hate getting night buses so whenever there is a chance to not get a bus I will almost always choose that option. One great way from getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok is the night train. I love it as you sit down get a 3 course meal for £2 then a bit later a man who is seriously good at making beds comes round and assembles a bed for you out of your seat in around 30 seconds. Then you get in it and 8 or so hours you wake up feeling awesome, open your curtain and outside is Chiang Mai, perfect!

This was the second time I had got the train to Chiang Mai but last time didn't put any photos up so thought this time I would do a little post and whack a few snaps of Tom, Chris and I traveling in style. Last time I got it I slept like a log, this time round I must have only got about 2 hours sleep. No idea why I think I just got to excited thinking about the full moon party and couldn't switch off. However I still felt a thousands times better than I would had I have got a night bus. So I wasn't too bothered.