Saturday, 12 December 2009


Ohhhh god. Back in Patong again.

I didn't like it last time, I don't like is this time.

Basically thanks to Tom at Panda travel messing around with our flights (read about that here) and having to get the later flight we missed the last boat to Krabi and therefore HAD to spend a night in Patong Beach.

The one good thing about being back here was I was at a beach and I experienced a small amount of nostalgia as it brought some memories from my last stay here but even that wasn't that amazing.

That night we went to an Irish pub for some food and I had a absolutely dreadful Lasagna and then we went back to the room and watched a dreadful Wesley Snipes film about Skydiving on Thai television and another about an Island inhabited by angry dogs.

Hopefully this was the last time I will ever have to come to Patong, but that's what I thought last time.


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