Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ao Nang/Krabi Town

Well after all the hassle with the travel agent in Pai we eventually made it it Krabi Province and more specifically the beach resort of Ao Nang.

Day one involved stocking up on all the beach based things we would need now that we would be spending the majority of our time in swim shorts and covered in sand. After checking into our hotel room we did a quick tour of the various road side shops selling various things us tourists need for days spent on the beach. Chris brought flip flops, sunglasses and a towel. Tom bought himself a beach towel and some suncream and I got us all to go thirds on a dry bag we could put all our valuables in we didn't want to get wet as well as so we could keep everything conveniently together for anyone who wanted to steal a large amount of valuables all at once.

After that we headed to the beach for our very first beach day of tour of Thailand. I wasn't too impressed with the beach at Ao Nang. The sand was a dirty brown colour with lots of little bits of twig and plants on it, the sea was a murky brown which you couldn't see through and it was surrounded two thirds of the way by the main resort strip. To be honest the beach wasn't that bad, I've been on far worse (Gt. Yarmouth), but sitting there knowing Railey was just a 20 minute long tail boat ride around the corner frustrated me no end as I felt the beaches there were going to be far far nicer. However knowing the next day I could pop over to Railey I popped my iPod headphones in, laid back an enjoyed my first day on the beach.

After what must have been about 4 hours on the beach we headed back to the room to de-sand and I was greeted with an amazing sight. Both Tom and Chris had underestimated the poor of the Thai sun and had failed to cream up properly. Therefore they were both sweaty red messes. Complete with vest lines and sunglasses marks.

That night in an act of pure vanity I decided to get waxed. Last time I was in Phi Phi I got my back and shoulders waxed as those of you who know me well will be aware I am the missing link between Man and the monkey and as I would now be topless for pretty much the next 3 weeks I thought I would get myself waxed again. I think the boys were more nervous than I was as I laid down as 2 middle aged Thai women and a 22 year old lady boy who knew Norwich City and Delia Smith gathered around me a they began to coat me in wax. However while when it started it was all fun and games and a bit of a laugh it soon turned into one the worst experience of my life and I am not even exaggerating.

While they seemed to advertise "waxing" as one of the many available services at this particular massage parlor, it soon became apparent that they possibly had never been asked to perform such a task before. The first sign of this was that as a lay there waiting to be torn to bits, they sat there reading the instructions on the package trying to work out what to do next. After a failed attempt to wax with a strip they seemed to think
it would be a good idea to just coat my entire back in wax leave it to set then just try peal it off one bit at a time! It was a total nightmare and possible the most painful this I have ever inflicted upon myself. After a lot of commotion I ended up storming out of the place still coated in wax not really sure what the best thing to do from here was! The rest of the night was taken up by slowly peeling little bits of the wax off back in the hotel room while Tom and Chris also helped with the little bits I could not reach. I felt so sorry for them and thought to myself this was probably the lest thing they thought they would be doing when they got on the plane to Thailand. Three or so hours later and feeling very sore they finally got the last bit of wax off me and I was extremely relieved it was all over! Never again.

The next day, still raw from waxing disaster we jumped on a boat and headed off to Railey, As expected it was awesome! So much so we changed our plans to stay a few extra days there but I will tell you more about Railey in the Railey post.

Once we had got back from the our little day rip to Raily I thought it would be a good idea to hire bikes and make our way to Krabi town a short 20km trip away for food and just a chance to see the town. Spent about 2 hours all together in the town, most of the time walking around wondering where to get food a situation made very difficult due to how hungry we all were. Eventually we found a little place sat down had our food then jumped back on our biked to get back to Ao Nang. However the journey back was complicated by the fact darkness had now fallen and we could not see any of the road signs. It took as about an hour longer than necessary but we did eventually make it back. Although we did have an amusing run in with some watchdogs while I tried to find somewhere to have a piss. Chris got scared and nearly fell off his bike tyring to run away from the dogs. It was very fun and I laughed lots and lots...

Anyway, Ao Nang was nice, fairly standard Thai beach town full of all the usual shit. It was a shame about the beach being a little bit average but never mind, onwards to Railey .



  1. sorry about lack of photos I kinda forgot to take any.

  2. oh robert you crack me up!alice xx