Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bangkok Pt.8

Well some 30 days later my Thai adventure with Tom and Chris had finally come to end. The original plan was that after the Full Moon Party we were all going to head back to Australia on separate planes and meet up somewhere in Sydney to enjoy New Years Eve in Sydney Australia. However I had decided I couldn't be arsed with Sydney for New Year and new there was no chance it would live up to the hype so decided to sack it off and spend another month in Asia. So I was now coming back up to Bangkok with Tom and Chris to wave them off as they jumped on their plane for Oz. I was so close to staying in Koh Phan Gan for the NYE Full Moon Party. It was going to be massive over 50,000 people from all over the world as it was the first time in it's 20 year history it has ever fallen on NYE. However I realised it was very unlikely I would have been able to handle another 5 days of it so followed the boys back up to the capital.

My last night with the gents was a bit of a disaster we all got totally screwed over by the buses air conditioning system which seemed to be stuck on ice cold. It gave me the worst chill ever and I just couldn't warm up for the next 3 days, which considering I was in Bangkok is a pretty spectacular achievement. All 3 of us really didn't feel well which was only worsened by the fact the air con in our room we had also broken and its lack of windows turned it into a complete hot box making my already out of control body temperature completely lose the plot. So the final day together in Bangkok I spent most of the day shivering with a banging headache walking around the shopping malls of BKK as Chris and Tom brought some last minute cheap supplies. It was such a struggle for all concerned.

It was quite a surreal experience waving the boys off. I was originally planning on going to the airport with them and saying bye there but I felt like shit so couldn't face the journey back. I was pretty sad waving them off as I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision deciding not to go with them back to Oz (it definitely was in the end but more about that in future posts). So after a few very manly and totally un-gay hugs (honest) Chris and Tom made their way to the Airport and I just went back in the hostel and straight to bed.

When I woke up there was a very very skinny Indian man in the bed next to me. I had a brief chat with him about Thailand which amused me as the only reason he was here was that he had heard that there was going to be 50,000 people at the FMP and he worked out that around 25,000 of these people should be women. He explained his chances of finding a wife were never going to be so good. I didn't have the heart to explain to him how badly his plan was going to fail to due the lack of anyone at the FMP looking for a husband that night.

Still feeling ill I ended up going out for some food with him and he told me a lot of stuff about India and things. I was still feeling well ill and missed the company of Tom and Chris a lot of this point. After some food I went to bed, again.

The rest of my time in Bangkok was a bit shit. Ill and no friends I just watched Deadliest Catch on TV for the majority of my day. I thought while I was in Bangkok I may as well take advantage of the excellent hospitals so went to get a blood test just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong as I had spent the best part of the 5 months in malaria countries. Turned out I just had a virus but my white blood cells were out of control so was told it would be a good idea I just chilled out for a few days. Which was handy really as I had no plans to do anything for the next few days.